Friday, October 26, 2007

If the Cleveland Cavaliers don't improve...would LeBron James blot for greener pastures?

The thought has entered my mind.

After all, the Cavs forward LeBron James didn't sign a long-term extension in 2006 (instead opted for a 3 year; $60 million dollar deal) unlike his good friend Carmelo Anthony who agreed to a 5-year; $80 million dollar contract with the Denver Nuggets that same year. offers a plausible explanation for James reluctance to ink a 5-year deal (the maximum allowable years for a pro with three years experience). By signing for fewer years and less money, LeBron puts himself in the position to seek a new deal that would be "worth more money (as an unrestricted free agent)" following the 2010 season.

Makes sense. But of course, there will always be two sides to the story.

By virtue of having a shorter deal, James can assess (in time) if the Cavaliers are able to compete for a championship. And with the Varejao and Pavlovic negotiations going at a snail's pace--the future doesn't look too bright--at least this late into the pre-season.

It would be imprudent and financial suicide for Cavs GM Danny Ferry and the Cleveland Cavaliers to overspend on Varejao and Pavlovic. They are good. But not that good.

In fact, MSNBC contributor Bob Cook put it best:

What insane person would give a six-year, $60 million deal to a player whose most marketable skill is flopping? (Varejao)

Enough said.

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