Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another day in the life of an NBA rookie

A couple of years ago, I saw an NBA Training Camp segment wherein several NBA veteran would punt basketballs into the bleachers section of their practice facility and shout to their rookies, “go get em’ rook!” Needless to say, the veterans couldn’t stop laughing as the rookies scampered up a flight of stairs to retrieve the leather basketballs.

Recently, Chicago Tribune staff reporter K.C. Johnson, (,1,6391472.story) wrote about another classic initiation story involving donuts.

“(Ben) Gordon said he took Joakim Noah's per diem for failing his rookie responsibilities and bringing Dunkin' Donuts to practice and not Krispy Kreme.

"Dunkin' Donuts are very good," Gordon said. "It's just the majority prefer Krispy Kreme. It's not even about the taste. Krispy Kreme is farther away to give the rookies more trouble."”

Interesting. But I think what point guard Jose Manuel Calderon had to go through several years ago as a rookie was far worse—being made to wear a Dora the Explorer backpack for home games.

Now nothing beats that :)

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