Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Buzzer Beaters, Halle Berry, Signature Shoes, and Gilbert the Man...who says "Hibachi" everytime he scores...

The outspoken Gilbert Arenas, Jr. has done it again! In a "web-exclusive" interview by Complex Magazine's Joe La Puma, Arenas discusses a wide array of topics in a twenty-two question shotgun session.

This article has everything from David Stern to Wizard team policies and conduct, his love for MJ's (Michael Jordan) kicks, the possibility of competing with Marbury's Starbury's, Politics, *grin* Halle Berry, as well as his thoughts on Kobe Bryant and the "mental game," the Most Improved Player award in 03', and being a "shoot-first, pass-second" PG.

Be warned though, it took FOREVER for the Complex Magazine website to load (or it could have just been my this point, I'm not sure) so just be patient, it was funny and well worth it.

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