Thursday, November 1, 2007

Gilbertology: Arenas talks about trade rumors and fantasy basketball

A prolific talker and scorer for the Washington Wizards, Gilbert Arenas, Jr. never fails to come up with new material that makes me smile. In his latest post, Arenas talks about the possibility of being traded West to Tinsel Town.

Arenas wrote:

"Nothing against getting traded, but that would be a dumb thing on the part of the team who is accepting me because, don’t they know I’m a free agent? What that means is, if you lose somebody who you really want and you come get me back and I leave too … TA-DAH! That means you have nothing.

So take my name out of it because whoever gets me, there ain’t a guarantee that I’m staying.

Y’all go ahead and take my name out. To all of my friends back home who want me to become a Laker: If you have NBA LIVE 08 you can fantasy draft me, because otherwise I don’t think that’s happening any time soon."

"TA-DAH! That means you have nothing."

These words sum up "unrestricted free agency."

Does it shock you that Gil put it that way?

Maybe not.

After all, would you expect any less from Mr. Arenas...

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