Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Fundamentals: 8 Plays for Winning the Games of Business and Life (Hardcover)

Category: Books
Genre: Business & Investing
Author: Isiah Thomas

In 2005, I began reading Isiah Thomas' book as part of my dissertation research and I found Coach Thomas to be a good storyteller capable of blending his experiences in basketball and business.

Among the highlights of his book, Thomas (2001) shares his Indiana University mantra which echoed qualities that every individual could aspire for: “self-development, preparation, concentration, and execution.” Thomas added that these characteristics were incorporated into the coaching drills and programs that he participated in during his time at Indiana University so as to teach “how to (use a skill) “what to (deciding between two or more skills), and when to (knowing the actual moment to use the developed skill)” (Paye, 1996). Thomas (2001) also leaves his readers with this thought, character is usually found in “unconventional places” as opposed to right in front of us.

Overall, I rate this book as an average read since the author only dabs into his core topics (business, basketball, coaching) without actually sharing concrete information which readers can apply to their everyday lives. It is basically a book of compiled life stories which Thomas tries to share with his audience.

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