Monday, October 22, 2007

Robert Swift: Renaissance Man or Tatoo Addiction?

Seattle Supersonics 7'1 center Robert Swift was the 12th pick out of Bakersfield High School in the 2004 NBA draft. However, Swift is probably best known for being the first of Seattle's three-year center odyssey (04'-06') that produced the aforementioned Swift, Johan Petro in 05', and lastly, Mouhamed Sene in 06' (Taken mysteriously over Duke shooting phenomenon J.J. Redick).

Anyway, I caught the October 18, 2007 Sonics-Lakers Pre-Season match up on television and during the game--out of nowhere--came a guy wearing Robert Swift's jersey. Could it really be Swift sporting really long hair that would have put the locks of LA Clippers center Chris Kaman and 2-time MVP Steve Nash to shame? How about that array of tattoos...was it possible?

Turns out it was.

In a Seattle Times article dated October 9, 2006, Swift shares that his tattoos describe him best "without ever having to say a word."

And did he ever.

The Seattle Times added:

Robert Swift developed a love affair with tattoos during his rookie year and admittedly, he's addicted. By his count, he has 15, which decorate his back, torso, arms and legs. It's difficult to know for certain how many he has because a few of the intricate designs are intertwined and some are in varying stages of being complete.

"The easier way to say it is, over
all I've gotten about 40 to 43 hours of work," Swift said. And he's not done.

This article was written prior to an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury that cut Swift's season short last year.

I wonder how many more he's had done since that time?

He did have a lot of "hours" to work with in between his injury and rehabilitation...

In any event, what if Swift wakes up one day and changes his mind about all tattoos?

Just a random thought.

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