Saturday, October 6, 2007

NBA Live 2008 - Introducing the New Phoenix Suns

Just got my copy of NBA Live 08' today. And to be honest, the game play is still similar to how it was in past NBA Live editions (So what was Shawn Marion and Co. so excited about?) with the exception of the power hop (which they brought back) and player "hot spots" (which are areas in the basketball court wherein a player shows some proficiency to convert shots).

I also decided to finally play a Dynasty Mode after more than a decade of playing every version of NBA Live. I really haven’t gotten around to doing it, so I guess this version is the best time to do it.

Here is what I ended up with after drafting 30th with the Phoenix Suns (I just dig their Orange alternate road jersey). In alphabetical order: Chris Bosh, Jose Manuel Calderon, Dwight Howard, Jason Kapono, Kyle Korver, David Lee, Mike Miller, J.J. Redick , Luke Ridnour, Josh Smith, Anderson Varejao, and Earl Watson.

As for my preferences, I set them at “Superstar” level for the first 10-15 games of the season in order to acclimate myself to the intricacies of Live 08’. 8 minutes quarters (Any more and the final scores would be simply atrocious)

Game 1: Suns @ Sonics (125-157)

What is it with rookies? Sonics’ Josh McRoberts lights me up for 75 points, 15 rebounds, and 6 blocks; while his frontcourt partner, Amare Stoudemire finishes with 42 points and 14 rebounds. It was really ugly, as I couldn’t stop Damon Stoudamire’s penetration (36 assists).

My bright spots were a Chris Bosh triple-double (45 points, 12 steals, and 13 rebounds) and Dwight Howard’s 27 points. Despite how it looks, I forced a ton a threes with my designated gunner J.J. Redick shooting a horrendous 22% (5-23) from downtown.

This doesn’t look too promising…

Game 2: Lakers @ Suns (100-145)

Redemption! Now that’s more like it! I made some lineup changes and started Josh Smith in lieu of J.J. Redick and just kept on pounding the ball inside. J.Smith was the player of the game with a 35 point, 6 rebound, and 4 steals effort. While Bosh was again spectacular with 36 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 blocks.

Aside from this new appreciation for Chris Bosh, I also played Andy Varejao and to my surprise, he was effective defensively (3 blocks and a steal). As for Redick, I don’t even want to go there (2/12 from downtown).

The Lakers were lead by Steve Nash (36 points and 9 assists) and Marcus Camby (21 points and 12 rebounds).

Game 3: Cavaliers @ Suns (115-146)

Home sweet home! Another win! I also discovered that back-to-back games lower the stamina of players. Basically, their stamina is not 100% at the start of new games. I guess, this puts a premium on putting teams away and letting the bench play in lieu of the starters.

Highlights: Bosh gets his second triple-double in three games (50 points, 10 rebounds, and 11 steals); Dwight Howard scores 31 and grabs 9 caroms; Ridnour finishes with 11 assists.

Redick finishes 1-5 from three-point land. I really need to stop taking all these threes, especially in transition, as they never really go in with any decent consistency.

I’m stopping here for today. I’ve burned enough time in front of the PS2.

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