Friday, October 19, 2007

James injured…again?

After four lackluster seasons riding the pines of the Emerald City, Jerome James, 32, turned up his game and actually started to play during the Seattle Sonics amazing playoff run (without the injured Rashard Lewis) in 04’-05’.

During that off-season, New York Knicks’ President of Basketball Operations *sigh* Isiah Thomas signed James to 5-year $30 million dollar deal based on that year's playoffs and not over the course of his career (which was paltry 4.91 points per game to that point).

Not long after, the Knicks’ gave up their future draft selections and traded for Chicago’s Eddy Curry, which basically ended any starting center aspirations for the overpaid James.

Since the end of the 04’-05 season, James has participated in only 86 of a possible 164 games (52%) for the New York Knicks. And now I hear that the often-injured James may have to call it a season again due to complications from knee surgery he had back in 99’ (Here's to a speedy recovery!)

In all honesty, I strong believe that whether he will or will not be able to suit up for the Knicks’ this year—Jerome James will not be missed. Primarily because of the off-season acquisition of Portland’s Zach Randolph as well as the emergence of Eddy Curry and David Lee.

But you knew that already…

Question: How does one become a millionaire?

Answer: Get into the good graces of Isiah Thomas…

But you knew that ONE already…

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