Tuesday, October 9, 2007

NBA Live 2008’s Dynasty Mode (Part III) - Trade and Triple-Double

This is the third of a series of articles on my first ever Dynasty Mode Season.

Finally had a chance to sit down and check out the latest NBA Live 2008 Dynasty GM features. Here are some highlights:

• Free agency – Josh Smith, Anderson Varejao, and Jose Manuel Calderon all have one-year pacts. Looking ahead, I’m sure they are expecting big paydays and I just know I can’t keep all of them, especially since I am over the salary cap. This early, I foresee Anderson Varejao holding out (the real one has, why not his NBA Live counterpart).
• Team Chemistry – A majority of my players don’t think too highly of Anderson Varejao. Is he my team’s albatross?
• Free Agents – Charlie Bell and Matt Carroll are available.

Game 7: Suns @ Magic (139-118)

Looking at my schedule so far (6 wins – 1 loss), I’ve only had two home games to this point but all things being equal, I would most probably have a slew of consecutive home games :) Now down to business.

Best player: Dwight Howard (30 points and 3 steals); Chris Bosh (my team’s Shawn Marion) comes up with 23 points and 9 caroms. While Luke Ridnour is a steady force with 11 assists and David Lee has his second straight productive game finishing with 19 points, 6 rebounds, 4 steals off the pine.

The Magic were led by point guard Kirk Hinrich (41 points, 6 rebounds, and 8 assists), Manu Ginobili (29 points), and Haiti-born center Samuel Dalambert (16 points and 15 rebounds).

Game 8: Knicks @ Suns (133-170)

Before I get to the game, I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to deal with free agency. I know that it sounds premature but it is still something that needs to be considered. With this in mind, I proposed a trade (Josh Smith, Mike Miller, and Jose Manuel Calderon) to the Sacramento Kings for Dwyane Wade.

It looks promising, but I worry about my team’s chemistry as in NBA Live 2008, it seems to have repercussions – I haven’t seen it yet but I hope I don’t rue the day I pulled the trigger on this one.

Now to the game. Despite Kobe Bryant’s Herculean scoring effort (Judged the best player in this contest after finishing with 89 points and little from everyone else) and all-around game of rookie PG Morris Almond (20 points, 5 rebounds, and 12 assists), the Knicks fell to the Suns 170-133.

For the Suns, Chris Bosh topped all Suns scorers with 28 points and 4 blocks. Dwight Howard contributed 18 points (9-9 FG) and 10 caroms in this effort. While guard J.J. Redick broke out of a slump a finished with 20 points (2-11 3-point FG).

Mike Miller (25 points and 5 steals) and Josh Smith (20 points; 10-10 FG) also gave a good account for themselves despite rumors of a blockbuster trade swirling around the two players.

November 14, 2007

• Sacramento Kings approve the deal of Josh Smith, Mike Miller, and Jose Manuel Calderon for Dwyane Wade. The Kings added that they believe that this trade “would benefit both teams.”

I hope so…

• Charlie Bell signs with Suns

November 15, 2007

• Matt Carroll joins the Suns.

Game 9: Bulls @ Suns (134-184)

After the Chicago Bulls took one point lead at the end of the first quarter (44-43), the Phoenix Suns never looked back as they scored a blistering 65 points in the next period on their way to their best performance in a half (108 points). Inspired by Luke Ridnour’s 1st triple-double of the season (20 points, 18 assists, 12 steals, and 14 TO; Best Player), the Suns survived the dominating post presence of the Bulls Twin Towers: Paul Gasol (70 points and 6 rebounds) and Yao Ming (32 points and 9 rebounds).

When the smoke cleared, all but three of the eleven Suns that suited up for this contest scored in double figures with Wade (37 points), Varejao (25 points, 6 steals), and Bosh (20 points) leading the way.

Team Chemistry: I really don’t know…the feel of the team was different. Right now, I have a ton of two-guard shooters who are playing out of position at shooting forward (either Jason Kapono or Kyle Korver). I need a slasher…this is where I really miss Josh Smith.

Oh well…adjust…adjust…adjust…

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