Friday, October 26, 2007

How trading for Kobe Bryant would hit your pocket

Columnist for the Detroit News, Rob Parker shared recently that he believes that if the Los Angeles Lakers are going to get "maximum value" for NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant, there is no time better than the present. Parker adds that a deal involving the Los Angeles Lakers superstar could be in the works "by Wednesday" (the 31st of October).

Kobe Bryant as a Maverick? A Piston? A Bull? Anything is possible in the NBA, as long as all parties are willing to make the financial numbers work. The centerpiece of this arrangement is of course Bryant, who holds "all the cards," due to the "no trade clause" provision in his contract.

But how about the financial complications?

New York Post columnist, Peter Vecsey sheds some light on the subject:

Attracted suitors have enormous economic decisions to ponder. Bryant is owed $19.5 million, $21.3M, $23M and $24.8M (I'm simplifying the numbers) and owns an out after next season.

Kevin Garnett's agent squeezed the Celtics for $16.4M, $18.8M, $21.2M in return for the surrender of his escape clause. Bryant's demands figure to dwarf that. Should the suitor not capitulate, there can't be a deal. It's doubtful any team would give up quality, if not its franchise player, with no assurance Bryant will stay beyond the next two seasons.

Oh, yeah, and then there's Bryant's trade kicker. Should he waive his early out, that means he's on the books for four seasons and that entitles him to an extra $11M in one lump sum.

Is Kobe Bryant then worth the future of whatever franchise would acquire his services?

The Pistons and Mavericks don't think so. The Bulls would consider it as long as it doesn't include rising forward Luol Deng.

Maybe another "brave" or "foolish" team would be willing to step up to the plate.

Welcome to the 07'-08' season folks! Enjoy the ride!

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