Friday, October 12, 2007

NBA Live 2008's Dynasty Mode (Part IV) – The revelation of the jump shot

The fourth of a series of articles on my first ever Dynasty Mode Season.

Game play:

The last couple of games have really been frustrating as shooters like J.J. Redick, Jason Kapono, Kyle Korver, and Matt Carroll are unable to hit any three point shots with any regularity (even the “super wide open, how could you have missed that!” variety). However, I did discover that if a shooter (who is in their comfort zone) gets the ball off a pass or steps into a mid-range jumper without within one or two dribbles, they should make the shot.

Another tip. Refrain from playing shooters out of position. If they are a small forward or shooting guard, keep them there. It has something to do with their positions on the court and where they get the basketball.

Every little bit helps towards making a jump shot.

Now where did I put that three point shot…

Game 10: Suns @ Rockets (176-106)

The Suns finish this contest with their highest output in a quarter this season (58 points…Don’t ask me how it happened…it just did.) Spearheaded by the game’s best player (BP) Chris Bosh (43 markers and 6 swipes) and Dwight Howard (32 points and 5 steals), the Suns made this match “hard on the eyes” of Rockets fans.

Dwyane Wade (6 steals) and Jason Kapono 6 rebounds, 4 steals) each finished with 16 markers. While point guard Luke Ridnour (14 points, 6 steals) orchestrated several highlight slams with 18 assists.

The Rockets were led by HALO 3 Online’s ( own “Agent Arenas” (34 points; 6-10 3 point FG) and 28 points each from Jamal Crawford and rookie Kevin Durant.

Game 11: Kings @ Suns (109-165)

The fallout of the Kings and Suns trade days earlier (Suns gave up Josh Smith, Mike Miller, and Jose Manuel Calderon for the King’s Dwyane Wade) turned into a royal bashing at the valley of the Sun!

Despite a slow start (Suns led 36-32 after one), a 52-point second quarter and the efforts of best player Dwyane Wade (36 points, 6 assists, 9 steals) put this one safely away by the half. Chris Bosh also came up another brilliant performance (28 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals, and 3 blocks). While Dwight Howard chipped in 30 points, 9 rebounds, and 6 steals.

The Kings were led by Mike Bibby’s 49 points (7 for 14 from long distance) while new Kings Mike Miller (28 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists, and 2 steals (4 of 9 from downtown)) and Josh Smith (9 points, 3 rebounds, and 4 assists) held their own.

Other notables: Chris Kaman finished the game with 5 block shots…Jose Manuel Calderon, the other player involved in the Dwyane Wade trade, did not play in this contest (DNP-CD).

Game 12: Clippers @ Suns (99-173)

The Clippers are only the second team that I have been able to hold below a hundred points in a game (the first one being Game 5 against the Hawks wherein they came up with 90 points). This doesn’t speak well for my ability to play defense (well, it can be very (insert a couple of more “very” here!) well as I believe you can’t truly shut down anyone in this game.

The Kobe Bryant’s, Pau Gasol’s, and Gilbert Arenas’ of the NBA Live 2008 world will always get their points because: 1) They play the whole game and 2) the dominate the ball.

Teams in Live 2008 have a tendency play to their strengths. Just look at their players. Take the Bulls for example in my Dynasty Mode Season; with Gasol and Yao down low, the AI would literally jump at every opportunity to get those guys the leather in premium (that wonderful yellow star that lights up underneath the player who currently has the basketball) scoring positions. While in the case of Kobe Bryant (slash and drive) and Gilbert Arenas (set up teammates, hit an occasional trifecta at the top of the key, and drive), they too mirror and play similarly (to some degree) to their real life counterparts.

Now to the Clips and Suns match up! Dwyane Wade is adjudged as the game’s best player (39 points and 8 steals) in this one. While Chris Bosh (who I believe should have been my best player) finished with 37 points, 4 swipes, and 2 blocks. Dwight Howard and David Lee also dominated down low with 22 points, 11 rebounds, 2 blocks and 17 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 steals respectively.

The Clippers camp was lead by forward Tayshaun Prince (36 points) and all-star guard Chris E. Paul (31 points, 12 assists, and 4 steals).

Part V is right around the corner….and here it is!

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