Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ben Wallace: End of the Road?

Looking beyond the tattoos. Looking farther than the cornrows.

I idolize Ben Wallace.

Fueled by the disrespect (Back in 96', the Washington Wizards gave him jersey #30 out of convenience since they had just traded Rasheed Wallace (#30) to the Portland Trailblazers for point guard Rod Strickland). Driven to succeed (undrafted out of Virginia Union).

Ben Wallace has always been a fighter.

The only NBA player in history to record 1,000 rebounds, 100 blocks, and 100 steals in 4 consecutive seasons (2001-04). One of three players to amass 150 blocks and 100 steals in 7 consecutive seasons (2001-07). Led the "L" in rebounding and blocking averages in the same season. One of three in NBA history to average 15 rebounds and 3 blocks per game over a season.

Ben Wallace is a picture of consistency.

4 Defensive Player of the Year Awards. Only undrafted player in NBA history to be voted a starter for the NBA All-Star Game. NBA Champion.

Ben Wallace has achieved every player's ultimate goal.

What about now?

Is "Big Ben" still as driven after signing for $60 million two summers ago?

Ben's hurt, I know. But...

The statistics never lie...

07'-08' Statistical averages through 5 games
Games: 5
Minutes: 28.23
Points: 4.2
FG% 32.1
FT% 27.3
Rebounds: 4.8
Assists: 1.4
Turnovers: 1.2
Steals: 0.6
Blocks: 1.2
Fouls: 2.0


Has Ben's negatives (point production, atrocious FG and FT percentages) finally outweighed the positives (e.g., astounding rebounds, steals, blocks)?

Only time will tell...but I am still hoping for the best...

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