Friday, November 2, 2007

With Wesley cut, how many players born in the 1970’s are still playing in the NBA?

With veteran guard David Wesley being waived by the New Jersey Nets this past Thursday, this question came to my mind.

How many players born in the 1970’s are still playing in the NBA?

It is a question that would probably have the utmost relevance to those born in that decade (present company included). How many of our generation are left? I mean, it happened to the players born in the 1960’s as only the Rockets’ Dikembe Mutombo (1966) (who is playing in his 14th and final season in the NBA), journeyman guard Darrell Armstrong of the Nets (1968), and Clippers point guard Sam “I Am” Cassell (1969) remain of that fabled age group.

NBA players born in the 1970’s (170 of 450 players) are now the minority (37.77%) as the rest of their contemporaries birth years ends with 8-0. And lets not even get to the 90’s, who are on the verge of knocking on the NBA’s door in the next two to three years.

Next question: Who is the youngest player in the NBA? Answer: Kevin Durant (9/29/88) who leads four players born in 1988 (with the other three being 76ers’ guard Thaddeus Young (June), injured Kings center Spencer Hawes (April), and fellow Yardbarker Greg Oden (January)).

Below is a breakdown of the players who meet this criterion in the Atlantic Division:

Darrell Armstrong
6/22/68 Nets
David Wesley 11/14/70 Nets (Waived)
Kevin Ollie 12/27/72 76ers
Jason Kidd 3/23/73 Nets
Malik Rose 11/23/74 Knicks
Scot Pollard 2/12/75 Celtics
Maceo Baston 5/29/75 Raptors
Anthony Parker 6/19/75 Raptors
Walter Ray Allen 7/20/75 Celtics
Jerome James 11/17/75 Knicks
Andre Miller 3/19/76 76ers
Calvin Booth 5/7/76 76ers
Kevin Garnett 5/19/76 Celtics
Rasho Nesterovic 5/30/76 Raptors
James Posey 1/13/77 Celtics
Vincent Lamar Carter 1/26/77 Nets
Stephon Marbury 2/20/77 Knicks
Paul Pierce 10/13/77 Celtics
Jorge Garbajosa 12/19/77 Raptors
Brian Scalabrine 3/18/78 Celtics
Eddie House 5/14/78 Celtics
Jamal Magloire 5/21/78 Nets
Malik Allen 6/27/78 Nets
Juan Dixon 10/9/78 Raptors
Jason Collins 12/2/78 Nets
Fred Jones 3/11/79 Knicks

The other divisions will follow in the next few days.

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