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NBA Trivia: Questions and Answers

As part of my dissertation, I had to come up with several energizers for a two-day seminar that I eventually have to run with some collegiate athletes. Here is some of the stuff that I came up with--a 15-item NBA Trivia sheet.

How many did you get out of the fifteen?

1) Who is Shaquille O’Neal’s All-Star Magic teammate?

a) Dwyane Tyrone Wade, Jr.
b) Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway
c) Kobe Bryant
d) Glen Rice
e) None

b) Correct Answer: Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway

Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neal were teammates while playing for the Orlando Magic (93’-94’ until 95’-96’). The duo reunited this year with the Miami Heat (07’-08’)

2) Which players were the NBA's top three rebounders (RPG) in the 06'-07' season, in order?

a) Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, and Ben Wallace
b) Kevin Garnett, Tyson Chandler, and Dwight Howard
c) Kevin Garnett, Ben Wallace and Tyson Chandler
d) Ben Wallace, Tyson Chandler and Dwight Howard
e) Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard and Tyson Chandler

b) Correct Answer: Kevin Garnett, Tyson Chandler, and Dwight Howard

06’-07’ rebounding crown was won by former Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett with a 12.8 rebounding average. He was followed by New Orleans Center Tyson Chandler (12.4) and Orlando’s Dwight Howard (12.3).

3) Which player won the 06’-07’ Defensive Player of the Year award?

a) Ben Wallace
b) Kevin Garnett
c) Marcus Camby
d) Ron Artest
e) Bruce Bowen

c) Correct Answer: Marcus Camby

As a center for the Denver Nuggets, Camby won the award for the first time in his career with averages of 11.2 points, 11.7 rebounds, 3.2 assists, 1.2 steals, and 3.3 blocks per game.

4) Who won the Rookie of the Year Award in the 99’-00’ season?

a) Steve Francis (Rockets)
b) Elton Brand (Bulls)
c) Mike Miller (Magic)
d) A and C
e) B and C
f) A and B
g) None of the above

f) Correct Answer: A & B

The Houston Rockets Steve Francis and former Chicago Bulls forward Elton Brand are the third trio to be named Co-Rookie of Year after the Boston Celtics Dave Cowens and the Portland Trailblazers Geoff Petrie turned the trick in 70’-71’. They were followed by the Detroit Pistons Grant Hill and the Dallas Mavericks Jason Kidd in 94’-95’

5) How many active players are among the Top 30 all-time scorers in the NBA?
a) Four
b) Six
c) Eight
d) Two
e) Twelve

d) Correct Answer: Two

Shaquille O'Neal (25,624 --11th) and Allen Iverson (21,586 -- 24th)

6) Who was the first overall pick of the Toronto Raptors during the expansion draft in 95’-96’?

a) Damon Stoudamire
b) Greg Anthony
c) B.J. Armstrong
d) Blue Edwards
e) None of the above

c) Correct Answer: B.J. Armstrong

Taken first overall in the 95’-96’ expansion draft, B.J. Armstrong had made it publicly known that he wanted to play for a contender. In October of 1995, Armstrong got his wish when the Raptors shipped him to the Golden State Warriors in a 5-player deal involving Warriors center’s Carlos Rogers and Victor Alexander as well as the rights to three 2nd round picks (Dwayne Whitfield, Martin Lewis, and Michael McDonald).

7) Who is the youngest NBA player in the 07’-08’ NBA Season?

a) Greg Oden
b) Thaddeus Young
c) Spencer Hawes
d) Kevin Durant
e) Al Thornton

d) Correct Answer: Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (9/29/88) who leads four players born in 1988 (with the other three being 76ers' guard Thaddeus Young (June), injured Kings center Spencer Hawes (April), and Greg Oden (January)).

Clippers forward Al Thornton played four years at Florida State and is one of the older rookies in the 07’-08’ batch at 23 years of age.

8) Who scored the NBA’s 6,000,000th point?

a) Dominique Wilkins
b) Blair Rasmussen
c) Danny Manning
d) Steve Smith
e) Stacey Augmon

e) Correct Answer: Stacey Augmon

On March 23, 1992, Atlanta Hawks rookie guard-forward Stacey Augmon scored 32 points in an overtime victory against the Golden State Warriors (126-125). Augmon’s layup at 7:41 mark of the second quarter accounted for the 6,000,000th point in NBA history.

9) How many jersey numbers are retired at the American Airlines Arena?

a) Two
b) Three
c) None
d) One
e) Four

d) Correct Answer: One

On April 11, 2003, the Miami Heat franchise paid the ultimate tribute to the man known as “Air Jordan” when they retired jersey #23 jersey even though he never played for the Heat.

10) As a follow up to question #9, how many players wore #23 for the Miami Heat before it was retired?

a) Seven
b) None
c) Four
d) Three
e) Five

c) Correct Answer: Four

Only 4 of the 154 players in Heat franchise history have ever worn #23: John Morton (91'-92'), Gary Grant (96'-97'), Rex Walters (98'-99'), and former NBA Slam Dunk Champion Cedric Ceballos (00'-01').

11) How many jersey numbers has Michael Jordan worn in his NBA career?

a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) Five

b) Correct Answer: Three

Michael Jordan has worn 23, 45 (during his first comeback in the 94’-95’ season), and 12 for one game in Orlando wherein his jersey #23 was stolen (February 14,1990). Despite wearing an unfamiliar number, Jordan scored a game-high 26 points.

12) In the NBA Finals, who is the all-time leader in three point field goals made?

a) Michael Jordan
b) Scottie Pippen
c) Dan Majerle
d) Robert Horry
e) Steve Kerr

d) Correct Answer: Robert Horry

Affectionately named “Big Shot Bob” by teammate Tim Duncan a couple of years ago, Robert Horry holds the record for most three point conversions in the NBA Finals with 53. Michael Jordan is second with 42.

13) Did Rasheed Wallace play for the Atlanta Hawks?

a) Yes
b) Never

a) Correct Answer: Yes

On February 12, 2004, the Portland Trailblazers sent their disgruntled all-star and shooting guard Wesley Person to the Atlanta Hawks for three players: Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Theo Ratliff, and Dan Dickau. Five days later, Wallace was traded again as part of a three-team deal involving the Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics, and Atlanta Hawks.

14) How many NBA Championships has Robert Horry won in his stellar career?

a) Eight
b) Five
c) Six
d) Seven
e) Four

d) Correct Answer: Seven

As a member of the San Antonio Spurs, Robert Horry became one of only nine players to have won seven or more championships in the NBA. Horry also has the distinction of being the only member of that group not to be associated with the Celtics of the 60’s.

15) Who is the all-time leader in three-point field goal percentage in the regular season?

a) Jason Kapono
b) Tim Legler
c) Steve Kerr
d) Reggie Miller
e) Walter Ray Allen

a) Correct Answer: Jason Kapono

Playing the percentages, Toronto Raptors guard-forward Jason Kapono is the NBA’s all-time leader in three-point field goal percentage with a 46.1% clip. Steve Kerr is second with 45.4%.

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