Saturday, December 15, 2007

Miami Heat Defense made D Stevenson feel like Hibachi

December 14, 2007 - Washington 104 @ Miami 91

Much like the struggling Nets, the Miami Heat have yet to hit mid-season form and win games with some semblance of consistency. It could be worse though, they could be the New York Knicks who can't win anything.

Looking forward, I really don't expect anything to change in the near future as the Heat lost (by a lot as they were down between 8-11 points at HOME to the Gilbert Arenasless Washington Wizards) despite having almost their whole lineup ready for action (this is basically Jason Williams as everyone else (outside the regulars) doesn't get off the bench and Smush Parker doesn't seem to exist anymore in the eyes of the Heat brain trust after his $12 dollar valet parking fiasco a couple of weeks ago).

How bad are things down at South Beach? Well, longtime Heat bear writer Ira Winderman put it best.

Winderman wrote for

Stevenson said on TNT's halftime interview, "I felt like Hibachi," a reference to the sizzling streak shooting of sidelined Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas.

Stevenson entered having scored 28 total points on 32-percent shooting in his four previous outings.

With the victory, the Wizards improved to 9-5 in Arenas' absence.

The Heat's defense (D.Wade has to take some blame here with his freelancing defense on Stevenson) actually made another player feel like Hibachi?

That's rich!

It's certainly something that you don't hear everyday (and at halftime to boot!).

But I digress, DeShawn Stevenson has and will be given credit. He can shoot the basketball, especially if there is no one in front of him (See Hibachi vs. DeShawn shoot it out in a February 07' YouTube Clip).

Last night, the defense was at best....token.

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