Friday, December 21, 2007

Basketball Injuries: The Pain of a Sprained Ankle

Caught the tail end of the New Jersey Nets @ Miami Heat third quarter.

With 0.3 tenths of a second left in the quarter, Miami Heat swingman Antoine Wright landed badly on his right ankle (which may effectively keep him out of action for the next few weeks based on the fact that he had to be carried to the locker room by a couple of his teammates).

Watching Wright lying on the baseline of American Airlines Arena brought chills down my spine as I began to recall a similar injury that I suffered to right ankle back in July.

It's no picnic folks. YES Network analyst Mark Jackson wasn't kidding when he said that "your body goes weak" and "you wonder if you will ever walk again" when one suffers such an injury.

At least Wright's ankle was "likely" taped (a standard operating procedure for today's NBA player) when he landed near the base of his opponents foot. Mine wasn't. And I had the misfortune of wearing running shoes in lieu of basketball shoes.

Anyway, here is hoping for a quick and speedy recovery to Antoine Wright.

Shout outs and best wishes as well to Miami Heat center Alonzo Mourning who had surgery yesterday on a "torn patellar tendon and quadriceps tear in his right leg."

Congratulations are also in order to New Jersey Nets quintessential point guard who scored his 14,000th career point in their game against Miami yesterday. AP Sports Writer Tim Reynolds reported that Kidd is "the third player in NBA history with that many points to go with 8,500 assists and 6,500 rebounds, joining Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson."

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