Saturday, December 15, 2007

Head coaches behind the microphone...can they ever be themselves?

With the NBA "trying something new" (An unprecedented move in the regular season--but not in past during NBA All-Star games--wherein mics have been placed on several players.) in terms of broadcasting their live games...

The question has being posed: How will the NBA head coaches react to this invasion of privacy?

Answer: To date, a number of coaches have not welcomed the proposition with a smile and open arms (based on the a number of negative sentiments of the matter), but they will do it anyway because the NBA and their "superiors" would "demand" it from them.

AP Sports Writer Greg Beacham wrote:

"Phil Jackson and Don Nelson became the latest reluctant NBA coaches to wear microphones on the sideline for the television broadcast. While Jackson had done it before, Nelson didn't relish his first time under the mike. "It's going to be hard to be yourself, for sure," Nelson said before the game. "You end up being an artificial person ... (but) my superiors demanded that I do it, so we'll do the best we can. Since four-letter words are about all I know, it's really cutting into my vocabulary."

I just love the candor of Coach Nelson. Don't you?

What if, in the heat of the moment, he blurt out expletives left and right? He loses his cool and engages the referee in a not so pleasant "conversation?" What then? Man, if it says "Parental Guidance" or "Parental Advisory" on the bottom right hand of your television screens, then you will now know why.

But seriously, teams...coaches for that matter have only a minute during a full timeout and a third of that time during 20 second timeouts to consolidate their thoughts and devise a game plan for their next defensive or offensive set.

Will they spend half that time thinking of politically correct terms? Grammar?

I don't think so. This, I believe, was the message that Coach Nelson was attempting to convey when he said, "you end up being and artificial person."

It would be interesting situation though...

Very interesting indeed...

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