Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It is on YouTube! (Shaq takes out Przybilla) And Barkley says his peace!

I knew it! I knew it! Someone did post Shaq's Attaq on poor Joel Przybilla over at YouTube.com.

However, since embedding the said video to other sites has been disable by the YouTube user, the link is the next best thing.


Portland Trailblazers center Joel Przybilla basically got hurt in the second Heat possession of the game! It's an amature video from the bleachers section, but you can still make everyone out on the court (well, at least you can tell who Shaquille is among the group...he is pretty hard not to miss).

Well, at the possession goes, Shaq received the ball on the right block and turns right into Przybilla--BAM! Offensive foul. Everything seemed to be ok at first with almost everyone running down court with an exception of a few Trailblazers.

Then looking at the instant replay up in the Jumbo Tron, the ground must have been the last place that Joel Przybilla wanted to be in as Shaq seemed to get entangled with his feet and did one of those wrestling kamikazi dives towards Przybilla and bore down his full weight (well most of it) and the basketball on Przybilla's face--effectively knocking him out of commission for the next few minutes.

Of course, that is not end of it as there are reports that Charles Barkley had said that if that had ever been done to him, he would have had executed some swift retribution.

I'll leave it at that.

You can see the first two minutes of the Miami Heat at Portland Trailblazers match up in the aforementioned video.

And I am glad that Joel Przybilla is ok.

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