Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Value of a Posey

And so it ends.

The last coveted unrestricted free agent is off the board with the signing of James Posey.

The winner?

Not the 2007-2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics (who were reported to be reluctant in offering Posey his desired full mid-level exemption four-year deal) but the up-and-coming New Orleans Hornets.

At 31, James Posey had every right to go out and look for some security, which he found in the Hornets $25 million offer. I honestly believe that the Celtics should have not scrimped on this one, as Posey is a true “glue guy.” The Cleveland Cavaliers will tell you. So will Miami Heat President Pat Riley.

Posey was the Celtics unsung hero in the NBA Finals a few short weeks ago. An intelligent weak side defensive helper who helped NBA Defensive Player of the Year Kevin Garnett on one end and supplied the C’s with timely three point bombs on the other. In fact, Celtics Captain Paul Pierce felt that Posey contributions were so "invaluable" that his squad wouldn’t lose anything if he were to sit down.

Who can argue with success?

After all, Posey has only won two NBA Championships in the last three years with the Heat in 06’ and the Celtics in 08’

Could Hornets in 09’ be a possibility?


Just don’t question the value of a Posey.

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