Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gilbert Arenas reveals the true origins of "Hibachi" during his Adidas Philippine Tour 2008

The Washington Wizards new $111 million dollar man to be Gilbert Arenas, Jr. arrived in Manila, Philippines yesterday.

His lone itinerary for the evening--meeting with the Philippine press and answering some great questions fielded in by Philippine sports columnist, blog squad blogger, and broadcaster, Mr. Joaquin M. Henson.

Here are some of the highlights:

The Hibachi Grill to be honest

Gilbert Arenas, Jr. sheds some light as to the origins of his catchphrase, "Hibachi."

"Actually, it started with Brendan Haywood. You know, We got beat really bad and Kirk Hinrich…was, he scored about 30 something on us and Brendan Haywood was like, "Man he bring out the Hibachi Grill tonight!""

"So I was like, well, usually, I usually score 30 points. So I’m the Hibachi. And so from there I just took it."

I guess this means we can owe a debt of gratitude to Big Brendan and Chicago Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich's hot shooting night for Hibachi!

Gilbert also had some advice to young college players who are aspiring to make it big in the field of professional basketball:

"My junior high coach told me.
You know, I stick to it to this day...
You know believe in yourself.
You know when all things fail, its just you, its just you and your dream...
And you got to always believe"

Gilbert Arenas is visiting Manila from July 5-7, 2008 as part of his Adidas Asian Tour promoting his new line of footwear.

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