Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Karma: Could the signing of Baron Davis been to the detriment of the Los Angeles Clippers?

Six days ago, Yardbarker blogger Baron “DB” Davis posted for the first time as a Los Angeles Clipper and 306 replies later—the public’s perception of him is…well…divided.

And that is putting it very lightly.

Much has been talked about Davis’ evoking his right to opt out of his current contract with the Golden State Warriors in the 11th hour (leaving a cool $17.8 million greenback on the table) as well as the resulting alleged collusion with fellow free agent Elton “EB” Brand and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Brand, fresh from watching the Boston Celtics capture their 17th World Championship, was said to have seen the logic in bringing together great and talented individuals who are willing to work towards a common goal—an NBA Championship.

But…things change.

The tune of $90 million dollars by way of Golden State (possible retribution for luring their franchise player Davis away?) and $82 million courtesy of some recent maneuverings by the Philadelphia 76ers has the potential to sway even the most idealistic minds.

So much for the “EB” and “BD” one-two punch combination.

What about the Clippers other unrestricted free agent and longest tenured player Corey Maggette?

Well, the Clippers can’t go down that road anymore with reports that he has agreed to accept a five-year contract worth around $50 million from the Golden State Warriors.

Fortunes once looked bright this uptown LA squad.

Karma anyone?

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