Thursday, June 19, 2008

UFC Wired: Featuring Tyson Griffin vs. Frankie "The Answer" Edgar

Been wanting to post this for quite some time now.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Wired over at the Balls network is one show that I really look forward to (in lieu of WWE, which is no longer carried by our cable service provider). Unlike its pay-per-view counterpart, UFC Wired focuses on highlights of three different fights from past UFC tournaments.

One evening, I caught the second match in UFC Wired (originally aired on UFC 67: All or Nothing) that featured a couple of unfamiliar yet unbeaten 155 lbs. fighters— Tyson Griffin (8-0 MMA record) and Frankie "The Answer" Edgar (UFC Debut).

The match was scheduled for three rounds and these guys were lightning quick—throwing one counter after another. By the third round, an Edgar kick lands where no man should be hit and Griffin goes down temporarily.

To make matter’s worse, referee Steve Mazzagatti seemed to be insensitive to Griffin’s plight and calls for the match to continue. With forty seconds remaining, Griffin catches a break and catches Edgar (who at this time is way ahead on points) with a kneebar!

It was awesome! The crowd was pumped! And I really thought that with the way Griffin was twisting and pulling Edgar’s knee in a direction it was never supposed to go…I thought he would concede and submit. But Edgar didn’t relent as he punched and gritted it out until the clock read 0:00.

Edgar could barely put any weight on his battered leg (which he fortunately didn’t dislocate or tear any major ligaments while under the pressure of the 40-second long kneebar) as the split decision was awarded to him at the conclusion of the match.

Wow huh?

Immediately after the match, I went online to try to find a video that I could post here over multiply. Alas, since the lightweight fighters were relative unknowns, there wasn’t any. This “blow-by-blow” report by JB Lederman is the closets I got.


411's UFC: Wired Report (03.30.08)

Posted by JB Lederman

UFC Wired, (aired 3/30/08)

Welcome to the inaugural edition of UFC: Wired Recap, wherein I review, repeat, and reiterate a recap show.

Joe Rogan welcomes us to the show. Rogan is incapable of letting his arms hang at his sides, have you noticed? Always flexing the biceps. On tap tonight are three exciting fights: Drew McFedries vs. Alessio Sakara, Tyson Griffin vs. Frankie Edgar, and Jon Fitch vs. Luigi Fioravanti.

Second fight (155 lbs): Tyson Griffin (8-0 MMA record) vs. Frankie "The Answer" Edgar (and man with two first names.


Battle of the undefeated lightweights! If you asked "The Answer" what the fastest animal in the world is, he would say "the cheetah." Griffin looks really big for a '55 pounder, with a huge trunk. Rogan weirdly says that if Griffin were a girl, he'd have a "badunkadunk." Is that the right way to spell that? Edgar looks in great shape.

Round One:

Standup to start. Edgar stays in the pocket and moves well. Griffin looks a bit more clunky. In a neat move, Edgar fakes a shot, pulls up and lands a left uppercut. He catches a leg kick and takes Griffin down. Griffin tries a guillotine, but Edgar transitions to side control. Rogan notes that a guy would not tap out to a guillotine in side control "unless he really sucks." Griffin works to his feet and tries a double-leg on Edgar. Both men scramble and transition with neither getting the better of the other. Both back to their feet and they exchange again in the center of the ring. Interesting sequence when Edgar tries a Superman punch, Griffin counters with a knee, and Edgar is so fast that he grabs the leg and takes Griffin down again. Edgar is in Griffin's guard. Not much damage being done. Both men back to their feet. The previous Superman punch/knee sequence is repeated but without the takedown. The round ends with both men exchanging on their feet.

Round Two:

Griffin lands an uppercut that sends Edgar into the cage, though it was almost more of a push with a closed hand than a damaging strike. Edgar looking for a hip toss. He is warned for grabbing the fence. Both men on their feet as they separate. The speed of the fight is slowing from the torrid pace of the first round. Edgar catches a leg kick and turns it into a takedown. He is in Griffin's guard. Griffin is looking for a kimura. Edgar transitions to Griffin's back and is landing hammerfists. Both men stand up. Griffin tries three consecutive leg kicks. One lands, one is checked, and the third knocks Edgar off his feet! Edgar stands up. He catches another leg kick and takes Griffin down again. They scramble, and Griffin again looks for the kimura. Scramble again and Tyson now has Edgar's back. He tries a suplex but ends up dragging Edgar down instead. Edgar scrambles to the mounted position! He is landing some shots. Griffin gives up his back. The round ends with Edgar in Griffin's half guard, landing punches as the crown cheers.

Round Three:

Both men look exhausted. Griffin is now throwing arm punches with no real power. They accidentally butt heads, no damage done. The pace has slowed considerably. Edgar tries a knee and the top of his foot connects with Griffin's groin! He grimaces in pain as the insensitive jerk Mazzagatti says, "Fight on!" Does he not have man parts? Edgar now pressing and trying to take advantage! Griffin fights him off and seems to have recovered. The round is nearly over as Edgar lands a double-leg and takes Griffin's back. Griffin rolls through for a kneebar! It is sunk in deep. Edgar will not tap! Griffin traps his foot under the arm for even more leverage and cranks! Edgar still not tapping! He lands hammerfists to Griffin's thigh as the round ends. What a fight! Buffer announces the winner.

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