Friday, January 4, 2008

What the issue of trading means to some coaches

Sometimes it pays to make things work between a player and a coach.

Take for example the Chris Webber and Head Coach Don Nelson fiasco awhile back in GSW. Sure, Nellie is back as their Head Coach, but he no longer wields the administrative powers that he once did. As for Webber, well...let's just say that sun has certainly set on his career.

Now what do some coaches think?

Philadelphia Daily News Phil Jasner wrote:

"I'm not in the business of wanting to trade players. I think it's better that they get a chance to learn each other," Jazz coach Jerry Sloan said.

"We make mistakes with that. That's coaching. The game of basketball is a game of mistakes. Usually, the team that makes the fewest has a chance to win."

Sloan also told this story: "When I was in Chicago, they once traded a player for money. Coach [Dick] Motta took out a $1 bill and threw it on the court. He said, 'Money can't rebound for me.'

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